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Manage My Video Shoot

Manage My Video Shoot

With a growing trend of the entertainment industry in Punjab, many talented guys are putting their efforts to come into the lime light so as to become Celeb-stars of the future. It is well known that there is no age limit for Talent and the curiosity to show their talent live the youth is putting Best of their efforts . But how may I proceed is the biggest question as “money matters”.

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How much to pay while booking a video shoot

If you are one of the popular star, “MONEY MATTERS” might not be a matter of worry and  this blog  will actually focus on starters who struggles to arrange money. The actual cost depends on

  • Cameras and equipment
  • Travelling and food cost
  • Female Model (if required as per the demand of song)
  • Direction
  • Editing
  • Management

The above list is the basic requirement for a successful video shoot. Now let’s discuss it in bit detail

Basic “Equipment”  Rent per day

  • slider, glider, tripod Rs 1500-2500 per day (compulsorily important)
  • Lights if required  Rs 2500 a day ( sun-lights, Led light or any other type of lights as per requirement of the songs)

“Cameras” Rent per day

  • For 5D Mark III Rs 3500 per day which include the required lens(compulsorily important)
  • For Red Cameras Rs 30,000 per day

“Travelling and food” cost is not fixed.

“Model” may charge between Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 . If one have good contacts then one can easily save this part of their budget

“Direction, editing and Management”  is done my team which will cost you Rs 25,000. which include.


It is better to Manage before hand rather than taking decisions afterwards.
And the above given Budget is the Expected budget for starter who are planning to make a video song

You can expect the same budget from our team D-Hustlerz .

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