“Young Punjabi Singers / Rappers” How to become Famous

As we See today Punjab is full of PUNJABI Singers Though it is not just a talent that brings you fame but an awesome way  to earn luxurious life get world trips and enjoy glamorous life.
But as YOUNG look at the scenario , he dreams of becoming ONE with just a quick TIP of having an awesome VOICE.


Well ! ! ! in this blog I want to introduce the readers how to actually start to get this career ahead and rather just having a talent , what other things are required to get the charm and audience.

1. An awesome voice/Talent.

Yes, this is absolutely right one needs an awesome voice to get a way into this career . So start taking singing classes and try to put as much time as you can in learning the basic singing tricks to tone up your vocals. Personally saying it takes at-least 3 years to learn the basic singing skills unless you have GOD gifted voice. If possible get up early and do early morning practices.
What if you do not have that talent ?
Lol  ! ! auto tuners can help you out in that. Jokes apart I would not recommend such kind of technology . No doubt this is one of the industrial asset but try your level best to learn from scratch.

2. Throw your Talent On social media

Once we have confidence that we can sing well enough. PLEASE ! ! do not keep your talent with yourself . Bring it out and come up with as tracks as possible on your social media sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube . I am not saying that you shoud comeup with a music track approching Dr. Zeus but to record you talend like our


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This is the best way to start your career with ZERO investment.

3. Get a low budget TRACK

Now I think after doing some hard work for months its time to invest some money. BEware do not approach big companies who might loot you showing you big dreams and giving you nothing at last. I have seen so many people targeted by companies whom they pay millions of rupees getting nothing at last .

So how much to invest?
Well ! !  Initially I invested Rs 1000 to dub my song and getting a free music from you tube ( they are actually free unless you get famous. Once you are famous they might sue you,so read the copyright license of the music and keep yourself aware ) . Sounds funny but this much amount is more than enough to at least start experimenting so that your talent can now reach people with better quality . But with the change of time you might have to invest little bit more. There are so many people like you who are looking for new young singers with whom they can experiment so approach them and try not to GIVE up at times somebody demotivates you.

4. Get a Music video

Now once you have done lots of experiments on your singing sensation . It is time to present yourself on you tube with 1080px video Quality so that Good Music companies can invest on you. Before this stay motivated and make yourself clear your are not going to get famous in one go , here I am not demotivating you but just locking down your thoughts and make you feel that this is just a starting of your career. So get a low budget Punjabi song video and let people know that you have got the X-factor. This is last step you experiment after that your VIDEO likes ,Dislikes and comments will give you better path.

5. Perform Live show

Most of us who have a dream to become a singer / Rapper might be a school or university students or have contacts, so take part in every competition and keep yourself updated with whats going around you in your school/university/ city and participate in every event and you will see that your are already famous. It is not time that captures you , it is you who captures time. So go out and explore.

5. Approach companies Now

Every career should have a history and experience . When an engineer goes to company and submits his/ her resume . The company expects the experience The same is your case . your youtube videos and live shows is your resume . Keep track of everything and them know about your career and struggle so far.

D-Hustlerz. Would Love to hear your experiences. Please share it and make this blog a knowledge base for people who dreams to achieve this career.