About D-Hustlerz

Dhustlerz team

D-Hustlerz is a consortium trying to originate a new vision for the world by the means of music, photography and dance. We are four members in team with vision to enhance originating talent of the world. Three years back we started our journey in Lovely professional University, where we collaborated with different people with talent in dance, rapping, music videos, web designing and development.

Recently we have started with new social web service of ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY BOOKING where our users can book their photography online choosing their favorite photographers for various events. Even different photographers can publish their work and get clients via Photographer Gateway.



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  1. The album also raises awkward questions about how hip-hop treats its trailblazers . “Because a lot of rappers happen to come from after that time, the media and powers-that-be have deemed these original storytellers as being not as relevant,” says Chuck D. “It’s a travesty and the biggest mistake the industry could make, because the true root of the history helps you shape what it is in the first place.”

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