Lyrics | 7K.o.d cypher | mixtape

Chalo karaawa thonu saer main
Jahaaj vich baethe asi main thoda pilot
Dhannwaad thonu mere eitbaar hai
Jahaaj da naam underground, gall karoo funny sound par swaari aapne lyrics di khud zimmewaar hai,
Hun kuch basic instructions
Jehrriya main dassnia ni
Rap yaara khed haigi shera di
Ethe jagah nahi bakriya di
La lo hun seat belt, kyuki asi karn lagge take off
Maenu lag reha jahaaj ch faaltu savariya ne bahut
Haan Ehde ch kaaafi fake rapper bina ticket baethe ne
Underground ho reha crash te miloge thonu parachute thode ehe bhulekhe ne
Hahaha sirf mere kol aa parachute
Te maaran lagga main chalaang
Die u bitches desi rap di main sambaalni kamaan

Menu prwa nhi kise de
Rap golf ball mainu keh ve tu freakyali
Zindagi da Naam chlna mai chlda
Future na suna fir vi future mai kal da

Russia de vangu sleepless night , eh beat best ayi , likhan verse bhut tight .

Sab to chothha par main , fuck swag HIP-HOP fan .
Lak to thalle meri pant , wordplay kra kaint
Elly vangu pava game , gal ch pava na mai chain ,flow vlo insane , agli verse yaara main .

Main udda parinda , late rapper Maar dinda ,
Lgda main gunda , jalandhar to bathinda

Menu mad mad kevan , roz up kra 7
Jivan vich heaven , kod 7 , infinity ball z , te main dragon .. dragon ball z .

eyo bitch wats up i am mafia
mein hitman gunship mera kaafila
mein han hustlerz nal mere creed
ehan landu panju rapperan lyi kalla mein kaafi a
kyi lokan nu a mere utte shaq
jede mere bare krde ne bak bak fuck fuck
fuck illuminati baby but i like triangle
mein kran rap tu pake betha bangle
hun gal kran os insaan di
swag word di jihne kaddi pyi jaan g
labhe kudiyan di ID sadi frol k
mile 16 bare pole jau teri khol k
choti soch teri chota jeha kadd
tere rap nalo hunda powerful mera padd
nale nikki nikki gal utte paya na kr status
sanu sada level pta dont rate us

I been here for too long
Wheres my real self
Unless i never really know myself
On the search for the gold in my heart
Using light of my soul navigate through the dark.
Now im too focus on making this paper
But never focus enough on my good nature
I right the pain away whenever i feel like
A soul survivor, that’s why i Kill Mic
You claim to keep it streets
I keep it deep and mellow
Forest full of rhyme you nothing but a weeping willow
While my windshield wipers wipe away the rain
I strain to see inside so i can stay inside my lane
In a world full of change
People fight to stay the same
Music take away my pain
Like nitrous to the brain
I aim to be a better me
Forget about celebrity
I rather be a star
Generate my own Gravity.

gal kran siddi slang mera koe ni
pawa kala kurta, gang mera koe ni
sun k sick bars eh rapper bimaar hogye
aye c shikari ban ape he shikaar hogye
fan mein shady da kise nu nyio chedi da
aukaat to bahr j oh mudda balbedi da
karda ni gal mein eh rap gal karda aa
dekh aj yaaran kolo kon bachda aa
punje lawan jihna ne rap ch payi aa khap
old currency wangu hun tuhada time up
flame throw kre verse utto janmeet di beat
sareyan nu kran kill kon kru mere nal feat?
Post mortem keh menu rap doctor
do pils likhan mein prescription ch
time pauna mere nal?
profile da link yara hega video di description ch…

Dekh Punches And Bars, Gal
Chalni Hun Yaaran De Naam
Main Nai Koi Janaa Khaana ,
Yaari Ch Trick Na Chla
Main Na Hich Khich Karaan,
Muh Te Bolan Na Main Daran
Sab Kuch Saaf Jivei 1080,
Nava Ehe Daur Naio Vich 1080,
Yaar Bas 3-4 Naio 1080,
Wealth Level Bada High, Yaara Tera 1080,
Intro Ch Thoda Niche Si, Thoda Main Piche Si
Cypher Ch Hoya Psycho Main Clearly,
Kal Dr Jwak Dekhde Weirdly, Kuch Dekhe
Dearly Hovey Kuch Clear Nai
Roz Mood Ch Gwacheya Main Khud Ch,
Paa K Roz Fire Pivaan Yaara Dudh Ch
Eh Peen Complain Lyrically Nai Insane,
Ehna Nu Nai Vishwas Yaara Khud Ch

lai 1 wari fer mein mike utte aagea
6 bandea de vich verse suna gea
jo sunde ne geet mere ohna nu salaam
baki change changean nu mein sochan vich paa gea
ajj kal industry ch chalda aa dhokha
chorian dakaitian lyi labhde ne mauka
munh te mithe ban, ban jande yaar
thode time magron eh karn pith utte waar
dujjean di videos ch krde ne act
meri poori video te fer kahton? krde react
oh music wala banda tera bneya protector
mein suneya k rap chadd bann gea director
haha !! menu samjh na awe
pta ni kato utto krda dikhawe
lai rok la agea eh malhi putt jatt da
rukkda ni hun jau thoodan dekhi patt da…

Unsaid | Joe Sekhon ft. Ami Kim | Latest rap song 2016

Published on Dec 29, 2016

Song – Unsaid
Staring – Joe Sekhon & Pooja dhir
Joe Sekhon ft. Ami Kim
Produced by – Sean Divine
Mix & Mastered – KP Singh
D.O.P – Jack Ameen
Director / Editor – Jeewan Malhi
Video – D-Hustlerz

Follow the Artists From given links

Joe Sekhon – ( ) ( ) ( Snapchat – joesekhon89 )

KP Singh – ( )

Jack Ameen – ( ) ( )

Jeewan Malhi ( ) ( ) ( Snapchat – Jeewan_malhi )

D-Hustlerz – ( )

Special Thanks – Jimmy GIll , H.K , S bhalla

MAjid | First Short Movie | D-Hustlerz films

This Film is a work of fiction. We do not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect or religion. All names, characters and incidents portrayed in this film are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Majid – Aman Aujla
Anwar – Ernest Masih
Shehzadi – Khushi Seth
Ammi Jaan – Sunita Yunus
Abba – Yunus

 Film – Majid
a Film by – D-Hustlerz ( )
Director / Editor – Jeewan Malhi (… )
story / screenplay – Aman Aujla (… )
Director of photography – Jack Ameen ( )
Assistant Director – Sunny Singh (… ) and Jack Ameen (

 Music Credits
( Faceoff by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (…)
Artist: )

( Ambush – The Descent by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (…)
Artist: )


“Young Punjabi Singers / Rappers” How to become Famous

As we See today Punjab is full of PUNJABI Singers Though it is not just a talent that brings you fame but an awesome way  to earn luxurious life get world trips and enjoy glamorous life.
But as YOUNG look at the scenario , he dreams of becoming ONE with just a quick TIP of having an awesome VOICE.

Well ! ! ! in this blog I want to introduce the readers how to actually start to get this career ahead and rather just having a talent , what other things are required to get the charm and audience.

1. An awesome voice/Talent.

Yes, this is absolutely right one needs an awesome voice to get a way into this career . So start taking singing classes and try to put as much time as you can in learning the basic singing tricks to tone up your vocals. Personally saying it takes at-least 3 years to learn the basic singing skills unless you have GOD gifted voice. If possible get up early and do early morning practices.
What if you do not have that talent ?
Lol  ! ! auto tuners can help you out in that. Jokes apart I would not recommend such kind of technology . No doubt this is one of the industrial asset but try your level best to learn from scratch.

2. Throw your Talent On social media

Once we have confidence that we can sing well enough. PLEASE ! ! do not keep your talent with yourself . Bring it out and come up with as tracks as possible on your social media sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube . I am not saying that you shoud comeup with a music track approching Dr. Zeus but to record you talend like our


Video Copyrights ( jagdeepbutter butter ) - In case publisher have any problem can contact us . we will remove the video.

This is the best way to start your career with ZERO investment.

3. Get a low budget TRACK

Now I think after doing some hard work for months its time to invest some money. BEware do not approach big companies who might loot you showing you big dreams and giving you nothing at last. I have seen so many people targeted by companies whom they pay millions of rupees getting nothing at last .

So how much to invest?
Well ! !  Initially I invested Rs 1000 to dub my song and getting a free music from you tube ( they are actually free unless you get famous. Once you are famous they might sue you,so read the copyright license of the music and keep yourself aware ) . Sounds funny but this much amount is more than enough to at least start experimenting so that your talent can now reach people with better quality . But with the change of time you might have to invest little bit more. There are so many people like you who are looking for new young singers with whom they can experiment so approach them and try not to GIVE up at times somebody demotivates you.

4. Get a Music video

Now once you have done lots of experiments on your singing sensation . It is time to present yourself on you tube with 1080px video Quality so that Good Music companies can invest on you. Before this stay motivated and make yourself clear your are not going to get famous in one go , here I am not demotivating you but just locking down your thoughts and make you feel that this is just a starting of your career. So get a low budget Punjabi song video and let people know that you have got the X-factor. This is last step you experiment after that your VIDEO likes ,Dislikes and comments will give you better path.

5. Perform Live show

Most of us who have a dream to become a singer / Rapper might be a school or university students or have contacts, so take part in every competition and keep yourself updated with whats going around you in your school/university/ city and participate in every event and you will see that your are already famous. It is not time that captures you , it is you who captures time. So go out and explore.

5. Approach companies Now

Every career should have a history and experience . When an engineer goes to company and submits his/ her resume . The company expects the experience The same is your case . your youtube videos and live shows is your resume . Keep track of everything and them know about your career and struggle so far.

D-Hustlerz. Would Love to hear your experiences. Please share it and make this blog a knowledge base for people who dreams to achieve this career.


Rap Collab Hunt winner 2014 – RBT Rapper | “I’M Ready” released

D-Hustlerz Organised a Rap Competition on 03-06-2014, and today we have successfully completed our project , and we hereby proudly announce the RAP COLLAB with RBT RAPPER , who is collaborating with D-Hustlerz at “No Cost”. 

Finally The Official Date of Releasing….! ” I’M READY” is 6/DEC/2014

About RBT Rapper

RBTRBT rapper Male, Jalandhar.A young guy called Avnish Srivastava aka Rapper RBT.

Born in Jalandhar on 1 jan 1993 studied from a renowned school in jalandhar .After doing his 10th studies ,he started of with rapping at a club in Jalandhar itself ,at the same time he pursued his +2 n then his work n performances attracted people which made him perform at every possible club in delhi/Chandigarh/jalandhar. A simple honest person ,faith in God , muzic-a-soul . n yea its just the start. . . . . . . Professional RAPPER N MC ,hip-hop dance choreographer ,singer ,actor *Absolutely dedicated to muzic from sufi classical to rock nd hip-hop* The Youngest Indian Hip- Hop Artiste “HIP HOP IS MY SKIN,BUT MUZIC IS A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE”. . . .



 Final Release of Song I’am ready


I’m ready releasing 6/DEC/2014


The Official Date of Releasing….! ” I’M READY” is 6/DEC/2014
Official Video D-Hustlerz 
Get ready for some Freestyle/Wildside Hip hop….!

Collab with – RBT Rapper
Label- Not Defined yet.! (DMR*)
Music- Desination Music Records/ Dj Hiten
Rappers:- Jeewan Malhi/ Jack ameen/ RBT Rapper
Chorus:- Jashanpreet Singh
Mixing/Mastering(music+vocals) Pondy/ Zefrozzer
Video- D-Hustlerz
Support/promotions :- RBT Designs – website Development/RBT promotions..!

Visit for more

Get a video in Less Budget – Punjabi video Song

Manage My Video Shoot

Manage My Video Shoot

With a growing trend of the entertainment industry in Punjab, many talented guys are putting their efforts to come into the lime light so as to become Celeb-stars of the future. It is well known that there is no age limit for Talent and the curiosity to show their talent live the youth is putting Best of their efforts . But how may I proceed is the biggest question as “money matters”.

diagram from coin

How much to pay while booking a video shoot

If you are one of the popular star, “MONEY MATTERS” might not be a matter of worry and  this blog  will actually focus on starters who struggles to arrange money. The actual cost depends on

  • Cameras and equipment
  • Travelling and food cost
  • Female Model (if required as per the demand of song)
  • Direction
  • Editing
  • Management

The above list is the basic requirement for a successful video shoot. Now let’s discuss it in bit detail

Basic “Equipment”  Rent per day

  • slider, glider, tripod Rs 1500-2500 per day (compulsorily important)
  • Lights if required  Rs 2500 a day ( sun-lights, Led light or any other type of lights as per requirement of the songs)

“Cameras” Rent per day

  • For 5D Mark III Rs 3500 per day which include the required lens(compulsorily important)
  • For Red Cameras Rs 30,000 per day

“Travelling and food” cost is not fixed.

“Model” may charge between Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 . If one have good contacts then one can easily save this part of their budget

“Direction, editing and Management”  is done my team which will cost you Rs 25,000. which include.


It is better to Manage before hand rather than taking decisions afterwards.
And the above given Budget is the Expected budget for starter who are planning to make a video song

You can expect the same budget from our team D-Hustlerz .

Feel free to ask any Question in comment section

About D-Hustlerz

Dhustlerz team

D-Hustlerz is a consortium trying to originate a new vision for the world by the means of music, photography and dance. We are four members in team with vision to enhance originating talent of the world. Three years back we started our journey in Lovely professional University, where we collaborated with different people with talent in dance, rapping, music videos, web designing and development.

Recently we have started with new social web service of ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY BOOKING where our users can book their photography online choosing their favorite photographers for various events. Even different photographers can publish their work and get clients via Photographer Gateway.